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Hot Buns, Copenhagen | Paths & Errands

Hot Buns, Copenhagen | Paths & Errands

Hot Buns, Copenhagen | Paths & Errands

Tuesday night in Copenhagen, I had planned to get dinner at Royal Smushi Cafe (more on the definition of a smushi later), but after finally putting my bags backpack down, I decided to do what I do best instead: wander aimlessly until something caught my eye.

Eventually, I stumbled upon Hot Buns, a dressed-up gastropub serving very reasonably priced (by Danish standards, ok?) burgers. I ordered The HB (KR. 100), a solid rendition of your basic, no-frills burger.

Side note: I should probably mention that I always travel at odd hours to save on airfare. This fact is relevant only because it meant that on this particular night, I had been on my feet nonstop since 5:00 a.m., and this is why I can’t really tell you how the burger tasted…besides good. At that point, I was so sleepy that I somehow forgot to ask for cheese on my burger and fries on the side, which is unheard of. But let’s talk drinks for a minute, because this place has ’em! You could go for an entire pitcher (mojito, vodka passionfruit dark ‘n stormy) or 10 shots (yes, this is an option) of the same brand, from Fisk to Fernet. I chose the much tamer option of a Happy Joe Cloudy Apple Cider (KR. 50), and um guys this is the best cider I’ve ever had in Europe or anywhere else,* and also decidedly unavailable in London. So that’s the story of how I finally found an apple cider to love. Thanks, Copenhagen!

*My lukewarm feelings about cider are eclipsed only by my intense hatred for beer, so take that with a grain of salt. It’s highly possible that cider purists look down their noses at this stuff.


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