Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

Where to begin with the city that effortlessly stole my heart? The obligatory list of hotspots is still in the works, but for now, let’s talk about the best savory brunch I’ve ever had. The place to go is Le Bon, located in the hip (ok, all of Berlin is hip) Kreuzberg area.

With warm cups of milky coffee (latte for me, cappuccino for Rene) and carafes of water to start, we tried not to go barreling into the kitchen in anticipation of our food. I should mention that we were experiencing the very specific kind of hunger that results only from the Berlin clubbing experience—so yes, I’m sure we would have gladly eaten anything. But even in a state of delirium, I know a good brunch when I meet eat one.

For me, the truffled egg avocado sandwich: crisp, fluffy bread hugging soft-boiled eggs; a lush pile of avocado; some dangerously addictive, tangy-mayo situation; and that unmissable undercurrent of truffle. For her, eggs benedict with avocado: perfectly poached eggs blanketed beneath hollandaise, perched atop toasted English muffins and creamy avocado. Appropriately virtuous greens on the side, but if you go to brunch and remember anything about the greens, you’re doing it all wrong.

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9:30-16:30 and is absolutely, 100% not to be missed. Stay tuned for the full Berlin recap!

Le Bon, Boppstr 1, 10967 Berlin


5 thoughts on “Brunch at Le Bon, Berlin

  1. Do restaurants ever ask you not to take photos? I was thinking of starting my own blog and wondering about the rules on bringing bulky DSLRs in to make some delicious food memories.

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