Where Many Paths & Errands Meet

In which I slam my head against the keyboard until an intro comes out…

Self-gifting is a time-honored birthday tradition, so this year, I’m giving myself the gift of a brand new blog. It seemed appropriate.

For those of you discovering the site for the first time, I’ve scribbled (and am currently scribbling) away in more than one corner of the internet (see my About page or the Elsewhere tab up there). This is the latest one.

Before this, I set up camp for five years at Makeup Morsels. To close that chapter, I said goodbye with a bunch of words and a garishly purple (cyber)cupcake. If you’re curious as to why I jumped ship, see here.

What can you expect to see on Paths & Errands? Beauty. Food. Travel. Lifestyle. Wait, that’s food and travel. More beauty. In short, it’s where many paths and errands meet. (If you caught the Tolkien quote, hi, we’re going to be great friends.)

On second thought, you can just come back tomorrow and see for yourself.

xx, Sarah


16 thoughts on “Where Many Paths & Errands Meet

  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Congratulations on your new year and new blog. It’s already so beautiful! I will be (always am) watching from the wings. 🙂 I love you.

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